FIFA 16 Hybrid Teams Guide

002We love watching star teams competing at the highest level, but the chemistry wins championships; and defense, apparently. In fact, the developers of FIFA 16 intentionally punish Fifa Ultimate Team players to create super chance squadrons. We have everything you need to know about chemistry and hybrid teams of FIFA 16 If you intend to dominate FIFA Ultimate Team in EA Sports FIFA 16, understanding the concept of team chemistry is great. The chances of passing and cashing scoring chances increase if you put the proper chemistry in place. In fact, you should spend superstar talent on occasion, if it means perfecting chemistry. This may seem odd at first, but building a team at random with world class talent goes out the window when you turn the ball over or worse, blow-season and entire Fifa Ultimate Team tournament .001
For example, if your Fifa Ultimate Team team acquires somehow a key player in the gold map of the Barclays Premier League, all you need to surround this asset with people of the same league. This apart, the team’s chemistry based on three fundamental pillars: the country, the league and the club active. Players pairs that belong to one of these camps and you are well on your way to becoming a sports chemist.
Move someone to a different position may cap the level of your team chemistry.First and foremost, always put players in their natural positions to maximize chemistry. There is no reason to be a mad scientist or Goalkeeper, thinking that the key to unlocking your team Fifa Ultimate Team is to build a strange mash-up. To this end, you can divide your team into two components Fifa Ultimate Team. Although not the easiest thing to do constant offset is the best way to nail this. Then we have hybrid teams. This includes players from different places around the globe. Despite coming from different regions, they have enough in common to work well with each other.003 Look for free fifa 16 coins 2016 to get players with common links to positions close to each other, as central defenders and central midfielders. Think of each half as a mini-team. Having left side composed of players from the Spanish Liga, while the right is composed of German Bundesliga players.
However, you can always achieve a perfect score of 100 chemistry with red lines, providing both players have at least one very green line at a position Finally, the players you will find in the packs and those originals on your Fifa Ultimate Team have solid state chemistry from the beginning. The more you tinker the best results and a greater reward. Ultimately, you will get the most recognition and development of a team. Now go out there and play a Fifa Ultimate Team!

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Clash of Clans Units Guide – Minions

Dark Barracks are elite unit production structure in Clash of Clans and first unit that you can produce for your Dark elixir is Minion. It is perfect unit that you can use if you are attacking base filled with Air Defense Towers.

Minions have fast production time, you will need to wait 45 seconds for one unit to be produced, with supply cost of only two units. The advantage of this unit is the ability to attack both ground and air units, but the greatest advantage is speed of Minions. Goblins are the fastest ground based units, while Minions are the fastest flying units in the game. From other side, they do not have huge health, so they are relatively easy targets for Wizards and Inferno Towers. Special danger lies in Air Bomb, special bomb that can take down 101 or more Minions at once. On level one they are strong, but still they do not advance rapidly with new levels. There are several strategies like clash of clans cheats 2016, that you can use, but first you must understand what final goal of your strategy is.

The main role of Minions in the game is to clean up the base, because they cannot be on the first line due to fact that they have small amount of health. Some players are using Minions in farming and the main reason for this is to reduce training time. The advantage is low cost production, but still you should take in the consideration that you have to use Dark Elixir, which is the rarest form of resources in the game, so even they do not cost much, rarity of Dark Elixir is making them costly. From other side, if you want to use Minions, you will gain additional bonuses and opportunities to snipe specific buildings, or even specific units. One thing is for sure  – they are ideal units to be used in War Battles. Just create an army of Balloons and Minions and you will be almost unstoppable on battlefield.

First deploy your Minions and run toward any Air Defense Towers on the field. Because Air Defense Towers can target only one unit at the time, they will not be able to take down all your Minions, so soon they will be destroyed. Then start to deploy your Balloons, they are slow, but they will create total chaos on the battlefield and it will give you 100% victory. It is one of the best strategies we ever tried in Clash of Clans, so it is right time for you to test this strategy as well.

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Tips to become a Fifa 16 pro gamer

Here are seven tips to become a pro in FIFA 16!

1. Press instantly after a ball loss

In this sequel, the game developers have introduced artificial intelligence elements that in case of loss of ball, players immediately press the opponent to get the leather.With this enhancement, defense is more responsive and aggressive. It will get used to this feature that makes it more realistic play.

2. Change training

Change formation: a must if you want to optimize your team on the field. Depending on the profile of your players and your opponents, you adapt.The 4-2-3-1 and 4-4-2 are the most common formations, but do not hesitate to use the 3-5-2 that will provide a greater density in midfield, and training globally more offensive if your wingmen.

3. Alternate different types of passes

Being a good FIFA player you need also to master the different types of passes that are available to you: short pass or long pass in the feet or deep, floor or lobed.Only by alternating all types of passes that you will manage to develop the beautiful game in the field and scoring goals that will always surprise your opponents.

4. A new way to defend

Another novelty introduced in FIFA 16 is fifa coin generator for mac, that is specially interesting in the defensive area. Indeed, press B or round (depending on the game console) can approach the opponent and paste until finally the ball is in your feet.It is almost impossible to fault with this method, however, it does not always recovers possession of the ball.

5. FIFA Ultimate Team

The FIFA Ultimate Team game mode (FUT for short) allows, as its name suggests, to establish the best possible team.But it is not to add up the stars without thinking. We must also take into account the collective to create an alchemy, and pay particular attention to the players who have to play together as close to the ground.

6. New dribbles to surprise the opponent

As each new installment, EA has expanded the number of dribbles available.Master the many possibilities of dribbling available to you is one of the keys to suprize your opponent a little more and become real master of the game.

7. Dribble without touching the ball

Among the new dribbling which are now an integral part of the game, there is one that allows you to put your opponent in the wind even touch the ball.With the body feint novelty of the new version of FIFA, your opponent will commit the wrong side turn and leave you with a ball.

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Instagram for business oriented persons

If you are business oriented, in other words if you are looking for new and inovative ways to promote your business and products, we can recomend you to consider Instgaram as excellent tool that will increase your online presence and promote your servicess. It is very powerfull tool, but you will need to know few tricks that will help you in this endevour.

In past few yars Instagram became one of the most powerful marketing tools of modern time, in such degree that large and fameous firms are using Instagram on daily basics. Just look at some great examples like Nike and Adidas, they launched few contests on Instagram thay got millions of vievers, likes and followers. Off course, you can not aim for such numbers, but at least you can learn how to get large ammount of likes and followers in short period of time with free instagram followers app.

First thing first, create an account on Instagram! Next thing is to think about your content. Content, or in this case images are all in all, all important element of your online presence. If you do not have good content, or quality images, you can not generate enough likes and followers. If you are usimg Instagram in business purposess,you should define strategy, place your products in interesting and creative enviorement and start your photo session. You can do it by yourself /dslr cammera is recomended/, or you can hire a proffesional photographer to do it. In any case make a lot shoots, not only 2-3! Make at least 50 shoots, because you will select the best images later in postproduction. Then , it is time to work on your photos, you may use any photomanipulation software, I am using Adobe Lightroom, Gimp is great freeware software that may fits your need. Once when you are satisfied with your images, crop them and simply upload to your portfolio!

You are just one step behind your grat internet success! Next thing that you should do is to place right keywords, or in the case of Instagram right hashtags in your photos. Chose original and creative words that can be related with your product and always place them within your photos. Hashtags are extremly important element of your marketing campaign, because they are the only way how other users may find your images on Instagram.
Now you know exactly how to start your marketing campaign on Instagram! In our next Instagram article we will cover some advanced tehniques of sucessfull promoting, until then – work on your photos and enjoy on Instagram.

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Deus Ex Mankind Divided Playstation 4 Review

Taking advantage of the arrival of new consoles in the gaming landscape, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided promises to extend the universe, but also the story of the first game. Deus Ex: Divided Mankind will take place two years after the end of Human Revolution, in 2029. We will not make the mistake of spoiler, after all, the first album is released as the summer 2011 and you are perhaps not played this game.

Still, the events narrated therein have led the world to a real apartheid. These are now considered outcasts, rejected by the rest of the population and ostracized a changing society, which now sees the technology as new paradigm. This is not however the case of Adam Jensen, who left the security service in Sarif Industries to be drafted by a special Interpol force. He investigates a series of attacks, most likely worldwide linked.

First mission, the beginning of the game, takes place in Dubai. The metropolis of the Persian Gulf in 2029 is the oasis of artificial wealth that we know today. Previously inhabited by workers it is now halfway between the city and the slum ghost. There are many unfinished buildings in Dubai, where Jensen and the rest of his team will hunt down first target. Each level is a tangle of passages where you have to plot your own route. in the second chapter near a ultra-protected theater Prague, you are supposed to climb on the roofs and enter the building through the glass roof, dodging the guards and go through the vents, or simply play the tank through improved armor and go through the front door? The choice is yours, knowing that you can mix different options. Divided Mankind want to highlight the multiple available approaches, which constitutes one of the essential points of the game. The game encourages disguising infiltration, by adapting to the best for each situation. Nano-blade knife can be used to attack, but also to remote explosive. Jensen can become invisible for a few seconds, sneak up on enemies, or use many of the objects in the levels.

In short, the question is how to get free psn codes and play Deus Ex: Mankind Divided that looks set to be a worthy successor to its predecessor, bringing the right amount of new features and refinements to an already efficient gameplay. We will wait a bit to really judge the visual quality of the game, but what we can see at this moment guarantee extraordinary gameplay.

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Everything about Instagram Direct

This article is little wakeup call for all those who have not yet use instagram followers hack and Instagram Direct. This new option opens new opportunities for interaction with your followers. Deployed on iOS and Android, the function to send a picture or video to a private or more contacts (15 maximum).
Before that, the social network only offered two privacy settings: public or private. Pictures were therefore intended to be consulted by either the world or only by your followers. Not really a tenable position for one of the largest social networks in the world. There are two ways to create a conversation on Instagram Direct. First, on your home page, you can click on the Mailbox icon in the upper right of the screen. You can also choose for Direct Instagram on the last screen, just before sharing your photo or video.

Now that Instagram Direct function has no secrets for you, here here immediately three concrete applications that may well surprise your friends, increase your visibility or simply allow you to explore the range of possibilities. Instagram Direct offers more than just sharing a photo. Once the photo or video is posted – you are forced to share content to start a conversation – selected followers can comment on the publication. Instagram Direct is the ideal tool to send to your closest friends a personalized invitation to dinner. Planning a party? Send therefore a taste of the festival with a video. Far from the bustle of hashtags and your News Feed, Instagram Direct offers a totally private communication channel. Create a small focus group of up to 15 people is the ideal medium for comment from your smartphone birth of the youngest, the latest CD from your favorite band, or the results of the last soccer game.

You hold a successful blog? You are an entrepreneur or business leader enthusiast of new technologies? In this case, the option Instagram Direct truly has something attract your attention! The big brands are not deprived of the use to launch marketing mini-campaigns. Rather than speak to tens, hundreds or even thousands of people who follow you, why not take 15 lucky winners and make them interact through Instagram Direct? This qualitative approach should certainly make people happy!

Direct Instagram does not yet seem to have taken off. However, we can still expect that new uses, whether commercial or not, appear. What is certain is that with the Direct function, Instagram stepped into the world of instant messaging for smartphones.

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Rare Replay for Xbox One

Few studies can claim free xbox live gold to reach 30 years of life and fewer still who all this time have been able to leave the memory of a truly great game collection for those who leave their mark on the industry in one way or another. Undoubtedly, Rare is one of those privileged few, a company that despite being low hours for some years, is credited with a number of franchises that can not wait to be resurrected after many good times that we did spend in the past.

Now, to celebrate this important anniversary, Microsoft brings Rare Replay, a compilation of 30 games, a tribute to one of the best studies that we did spend a few generations ago, enjoying from his first works as Jetpac to the latest Xbox 360 such as Viva Piñata, without being the major road games Nintendo 64 era as Conker’s Bad Fur Day or the first two Banjo-Kazooie. And all in a luxury pack full of juicy extras. To begin with, the first thing to note is the good presentation which boasts the collections, with a series of menus with style, made with good taste and most importantly, intuitive and easy to navigate, allowing us to move from one game to another quickly and without too many problems. Until we can sort them in different ways to make it easier for us to find them. The full list of titles can be found in the following image.

Before entering each game we can read a brief description, and query your data (number of players, the year of release, etc.). They will also enable us have a look at their controls and set some options, which is only available for titles that are not Xbox 360.
As for the games themselves we have found a bit of everything. For starters, older titles have a lot of configuration options and can remove or add frames display, activate a filter to emulate an old monitor, save and load game and to turn tricks like infinite lives in the event that we do not see enough patience to old-fashioned game. Controls on some of them have not aged too well, but has struck us how much we have achieved mostly entertain, which speaks highly of how they have aged. Banjo-Kazooie, Banjo-Tooie and Perfect Dark coming to us in versions of Xbox 360 and Nintendo 64, so they are much more polished in terms of performance and visual quality. Both these and the rest of Xbox 360 games including arrive in the last Microsoft console without any change.

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GoHog Clash of Clans Attack Strategy

GoHogs is a fairly new attack strategy in Clash of Clans. It is very difficult to execute correctly what GoHogs strategy is, because the way it works is really complicated, but it will be easy if you choose to use clash of clans triche iOS. It is highly recommended to use this strategy in the Town Hall 8. After 2-3 weeks of using this strategy in Clan Wars, I can get 3 stars on most TH8 basis.

The main idea is using your GoHogs is use of Barbarian King, Hog Riders and Golems to go into the base and then destroy and distract defensive buildings. If you make a decent attack you can choose to attack the right side, you can also activate the giant double pump (nightmare for their attack). After that, just send Hog Riders in the attack once your Barbarian King and Golems have done the work. GoHog is super powerful strategy. Pumps twin giants are not really effective against GoHogs. It is fast attack, you need not worry about the time. To execute this strategy absolutely accuracy is required. Even a single wall breaker can ruin the attack. Implementation of Hog Riders is not really easy. You have to practice using Hog Riders in Clan Wars. You should practice centralized bases with defensive buildings.

There is a certain composition that you need need to optimize for the best effect with the base you want to attack. After a few attacks with this strategy, you will realize that it is not difficult to choose your army composition. You should use 20 Hog Riders, 2 Golems, 6 Wizards, 3Wall Breakers, 5 Archers and Barbarian King. For Spells use 2 Healing Spells, one Rage Spell and one Poison Spell.

There are many variations and you should answer to many questions Golems, Wizards: How far you want to go on the base? Giants: How many sides you want to attack? Wall breakers: What is the level of those walls? How many layers of the walls? As I said, GoHogs works well with most Town Hall 8 bases, but still it is recommended that you must attack bases with low-level defenses, defenses bases keys that are not in the core, and base with large compartments. First, try to lure Clan Castle troops. If you find it difficult to attract out, here are some suggestions for you: If you can reach the Castle clan from outside the wall, place 2 Giants to attract them. If the radius of Clan Castle is inside the walls, use Hog Riders to draw defensive buildings and troops of the Clan Castle.

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